With funding assistance from the National Literacy Secretariat, Teachers on Wheels has produced The Yarns of Ishmael Drake, based on a series of radio productions for the C.B.C. Radio School Broadcasts.

Online Documents

The following 4 books are online in their entirety:

Our Own Newfoundland and Labrador

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[Thomas V.C. Dawe]

Deeper into Math

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[Thomas V.C. Dawe] This numeracy workbook picks up from the topics that were covered in Living Math. Topics include multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. Lessons and activities focus on the practical application of math skills and their relation to real life activities.

Living Math

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[Thomas V.C. Dawe] A workbook dealing with basic numeracy skills, having a focus on the practical application of math skills using real life activities. Topics include addition, subtraction, place value, and working with money (small change).

In Our Own Language - A Language Workbook for Literacy Students

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[Pamela Rideout] A basic reading and writing workbook, written with the literacy student in mind. Units include the alphabet, vocabulary, sentences, grammar, captialization, punctuation, composition, and study skills.

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