• Fund Raising
  • Recruiting and Screening Volunteer Tutors
  • Recruiting and Assessing Adult Learners
  • Tutor Training and Volunteer Management
  • Matching Trained Volunteer Tutors With Learners
  • Individual Program Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Programs
  • Curriculum Development (particularly with “Newfoundland content”)

Comments by Learners

Even though I could read a little when I joined the program, I have now improved a great deal.

I help my boys with their homework now and feel I can do it. I also feel a lot better about myself because I am trying to do something to help make a better life for myself.

The changes that it will make are changes for the better, like having a better job or the opportunity to look for one. But, for me, it was reading a book to my children at bedtime and being able to sit down and write a letter to your wife or friends.

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