About Us


In 1975 this organization began as an Opportunities For Youth project and continued as a Local Initiative project until 1977 when it become a volunteer organization. Since 1977 we have endeavoured to:


Teachers on Wheels membership includes volunteer tutors, adult learners and interested individuals from the general public. All members have voting privileges and meet annually for a General Meeting and Election of Officers.


Teachers on Wheels has a full-time Executive Director. He is responsible for program management and the implementation of projects under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

When necessary the Board of Directors will put out a call for the submission of proposals for contract project work.

Board of Directors

This organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from its membership and conducts itself according to a written constitution. The positions are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Members (numbers can vary). The entire Board meets monthly. Special committee meetings are held as warranted.